African Mating Rituals Ch. 01

African Mating Rituals
African Mating Rituals
[Day 1]

So, alright, where do I start? I guess I'll start by saying that my name is Alyssa McAllister. I've always been described as the adventurous type. Last year I graduated from Vassar University with a degree in International Studies. When I was 20, I spent the summer backpacking from Spain to Russia with basically nothing but a few dollars in my pocket. I ate crazy food, snuck on to trains, hitchhiked across three countries, and slept with more than a few men whose names I don't remember.

I'm 23 now, and looking for my next adventure. I'm planning to start grad school next year and go for my Masters in Anthropology but life in the US was getting boring. I couldn't stop thinking about traveling to some far off land again. Plus, shocking to me, not a lot of places have a reason to hire some talkative girl with an International Studies degree. That's where Faraji comes in. Faraji is a man I met in Europe who recently reconnected with me. He is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and was looking for someone to join him in attempting to contact an alleged lost tribe in the jungle. He had heard the legends of them and wanted to explore himself. I couldn't have said yes fast enough. I'd read Heart of Darkness enough times to dream about exploring the heart of Africa.

This tribe, the Akebarak, supposedly lived upriver on a difficult to traverse tributary to the Congo and hadn't been heard from in nearly a century. I bought a plane ticket the next day and here I am in a small town at the mouth of the Congo, about to meet Faraji and take a boat ride to the last known sightings of the Akebarak.

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot with this trip. I want to make some memorable change to the world by contacting this lost tribe. We will learn about a culture unconnected to our global society. Most of all, it's freaking cool.

I think by now you know that I'm not the kind of girl that digs makeup and a while picket fence. I'm out for adventure, and I hope this will prove to be my greatest one yet.

[Day 2]

We've set off. Faraji and I rented a boat to take us up river. Our boatman, Okembe, will only take us to the bend in the river five miles from the Akebarak, we will hike the rest of the way. I am beginning to get concerned, the stories from Okembe make the lost tribe seem incredibly vicious and hostile towards outsiders.

The last time they were contacted was by a team of British explorers in 1873. The team was compiling a book on local tribes and only had this to say about the Akebarak, "The Akebarak peoples are a peoples separated both by physicality and desire from their neighbors. They practice strange rituals and ceremonial markings looked upon with scorn by other tribes in the area."

I asked Faraji what 'strange rituals and ceremonial markings' could mean, he has as much of a clue as I did.

Most of our days are pretty boring at this point, we go up river and then we go up river, and then we do more going up river. I was lucking I brought new books on this trip, because I am doing a lot of reading.

[Day 4]

Sorry I haven't updated this every day but things haven't been very interesting. We should come close enough to begin searching for the Akebarak tomorrow. We hope to find them within the first few days, as we only brought supplies for one week.

I suppose I should describe myself and give you an image in your head. I'm 5'6 with bright red hair. I work out a lot and keep fit (except for when I say fuck it and spend a night eating pizza and watching Anthony Bourdain), but I inherited wide hips and C cup boobs from my mother, so I'll never be a supermodel.

Faraji is in his mid 30s. He's tall and skinny, with rough skin and a short curly hair. He smokes like a chimney and loves to talk about Sylvester Stallone movies. We have the same sense of humor, and there are worse people I could spend a week in Africa with.

[Day 5]

Shit. I forgot I had this. It must have been in my pocket the whole time.

Where to start? We found the Akebarak, or I should say they found us. On the fifth day of sailing up river, we were getting close to where we believed them to be when arrows started raining out of the trees. Faraji and I took cover but Okembe was hit and killed.

Before we could do anything, warriors with tattoos and piercings jumped out and started yelling and pointing spears at us. They marveled at me in particular, likely never having seen a while person before. One of the men ran his fingers though my hair. They other reached out and touched my skin. First my face, then slowly moving his hand down and cupping one of my breasts. He bounced it in his hand and squeezed gently, smiling as he groped me. He moved his hand down further, caressing my hip before moving his fingers between my legs. I was wearing khaki pants, but I could feel his hand pressing against my slit. He laughed and said something in his native language, I could see his cock becoming erect though his thin cloth coverings. It wasn't bad, probably seven inches long. If he weren't pointing a spear at me, I may have been turned on.

They took Faraji and I into the jungle and marched us for hours. They must have been a hunting party that heard our boat and saw us as a threat.

Faraji recognized their language as being close enough to a local dialect that he could communicate, and they told us that we were slaves of the Akebarak and being taken to the village to be put to work. They bound our hands with reeds and looked surprised at my white skin and red hair. Faraji say they mumbled a word that seemed to translate best as, 'treasure' or 'rare prize'.

The Akebarak village was hidden from view until we were very close by several hills. It contained a hundred or so thatched huts covered in thin cloth and leaves. Smoke from small fires rose up around the village as we arrived near the end of they day it is likely these were to cook evening meals.

As we walked through the village, I noticed more of the Akebarak. Both the men and women were covered in tribal tattoos, made in a way that formed ridges on their skin. Both genders wore thin cloth around their genitals, although the women's dresses were ankle length compared to the men's which only barely coverd their crotch. Everyone was nude from the waste up, with the women's breasts fully exposed and the chests of both genders covered in ceremonial tattoos.

We were led though the village to a large hut in the center. Inside we found an older man, who I assumed to be the chief, sitting in the center of a group that must have be the tribal elders. Our captors spoke to them with reverence, Faraji whispered that they were presenting us as gifts to the Chief.

The Chief nodded and looked us up and down. He then began asking Faraji a series of questions, which he did not have time to translate. Faraji answered and nodded. I would find out later that he had asked Faraji the following: What tribe do you come from? I have no tribe. Is this woman your wife? No. Where does she come from? Far away. Did you mean us any harm my invading Akebarak lands? No, we wished to seek you out and understand you. Your tribe is a legend in many places.

The Chief though for a few more minutes and made an announcement. Faraji translated as he spoke.

"We peoples do not like outsiders in strange clothing invade our lands. We are a strong people, and will not be made weak by others. We hold in our custom that any man who treads on Akebarak land shall have his foot cut off and his head mounted on a spike."

I was suddenly very nervous about what the chief had to say next. He spread his legs as he

"However, I do not believe any man seeking to harm the Akebarak would bring with him such a gift as this woman with white skin and a head like fire. She is a true beauty sent from heaven. So, I, Chief Makonnen, in with my heart full of generosity and mercy, will spare these two from death. You will be released back to the jungle, and allowed to return to your home villages unharmed."

I admit, I was disappointed. I mean, it was great that we weren't going to be killed but I was also not happy about coming all this way only to be turned back.

"However, I the offer for this woman to become-" Faraji stuttered and paused for a moment before continuing to translate, "mate to the Chief of the Akebarak and remain here in peace."

Yeah, I know! What. The. Fuck. I ask to become a concubine to the Chieftain of the long lost African tribe that I traveled half way around the world with the hopes of seeing even one member of.

A number of thoughts entered my head. a) I didn't want to go home with nothing to show for the journey. b) If I agreed to become this man's mate (whatever that meant), I could stay and study the tribe for as long as I wanted. c) I would have to have sex with the Chief. d) I'm not on birth control.

I looked the Chief up and down. He was probably in his mid forties, well built and stocky for his age. On his chest was tattooed a large bird, with lines of symbols written down his sides. His arms were covered in tattoos, probably symbolizing great victory or something. He wore a bone ring through his nose and two chains of finger bones dangled from his ears.

I looked to Faraji, attempting to wordlessly communicate my inner conflict. He was sympathetic, but looked slightly shocked by the fact that I was considering this madness.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "if you stay, I stay."

I nodded and looked the Chief square in the eyes. I could barely believe it even as the words came out of my mouth.

"Yes, I'll accept your offer."

The Chief clapped his hands in joy as Faraji relayed my answer.

The Chief began to then address Faraji directly, conversing quickly and leaving no time for translation. Faraji seemed uncomfortable, but addressed the Chief with respect. In a moment of pause, Faraji leaned to my ear and said, "He requires my permission to give you as a gift to the tribe."

It was then that I understood. The Chief's had never asked for my consent, but for Faraji's. I was not the giver, but the object being given. I had read plenty about African rites of marriage and children, and understood that it was common for a man to give a woman as tribute.

The two finished conversing and the chief made an announcement to the room, causing everyone to rise and begin to leave

"The Chief ordered everyone to leave so that he may take possession of his new woman" Faraji said.

Once we were alone in the hut, Chief Makonnen rose from his seat and approached me. I could see the outline of his hardening member and began feeling strangely aroused. I had never been with a man like the Chief before, in fact I hadn't been with a man at all for two months.

He stood in front of me, gently placing his hands on my hips. I looked into his eyes as he said a words his language. I did not speak the language but his meaning was clear, "strip". I took a step back and removed the vest and green T-shirt I was wearing. Chief Urdu looked confused by my bra, running his fingers along the strap as I reached back to remove it.

He took my breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently and running his thumbs along my nipples. He smiled and spoke more in his native tongue. (I assumed he said something to the affect of "you have nice tits".) I unbuttoned my kahki cargo pants, pulling them and my cotton panties down together. Chief Makonnen's hands snaked their way down my sides, his fingers finding their way to my bare pussy at the same time has his other hand found my ass. He smiled as he inserted a finger into my now wet entrance, causing me to let out a small moan.

The Chief's cock was now fully hard and protruding from his thin cloth covering. I nearly gasped at it's size. I wasn't about to pull out a ruler, but it had to be at least eight inches long and two inches around. I shouldn't have been turned on by it, I had just been sold to this man who was now seeking to impregnate me.

He removed his covering as I reached down and began to stroke his member, running my fingers gently along his cock.

I only rubbed his cock for a few seconds when I felt his hand grab the back of my neck and force me on to my hands and knees. The Chief kneeled behind me and without hesitation pushed his massive cock into my entrance.

His hand still holding the back of my neck, wasted no time in fucking me as hard as he could. His black cock stretching me with every thrust, filling my cunt more than I'd imagined possible. I closed my eyes as the chief mercilessly pounded me in the middle of the empty hut. It wasn't long before I felt myself beginning to cum. My moans became louder as I came and the chief's grip around my neck tightened.

As my first orgasm subsided, Chief Makonnen pulled his cock out of me and with one smooth motion grabbed my shoulder and flipped me onto my back. I stared up at his face as he spread my legs and resumed furiously driving his massive cock into my opening. The look in his eyes was pure domination and there was no mistaking that I was now the property of the Chief of the Akebarak.

He grabbed one of my bouncing tits as his fucked me, squeezing my nipple hard as he continued to fuck me harder and harder. I could feel his ball slapping against my ass as his cock pounded into me and with every thrust the Chief let out an animal grunt. The new attention to my nipple made me cum loudly for a second time, my pussy squeezing the Chief's cock as he unflinchingly continued to fuck his new possession.

I closed my eyes in bliss and just as I began to catch my breath I felt the Chief's hard thrusts slow and with a guttural moan he unleashed a flood of warm cum into my unprotected womb.

As he pulled out of me, a trickle of his seed dripped out of my drenched cunt and trickled down the crack of my ass. I lay there in the middle of the hut, naked and breathless, suddenly realizing the crazy fucking situation I was now in.

The Chief wasted no time in rising to his feet and walking naked to the entrance of the hut. He called out to someone on the other side before walking back in my direction to put back on his cloth covering.

I sat naked on the floor as three women entered the tent. One began to silently pick up my clothes and underwear that were strewn across the floor. The other two grabbed me by the arms and pulled me to my feet. One wrapped a cloth around my waist and fastened it in the same manner as the one she was wearing. Now standing, I could feel the warm drip of Chief Makonnen's seed sliding down my thigh.

Chief Makonnen resumed his seat at the back of the hut, and motioned to the ground next to him, instructing me to sit at his feet. I obeyed, sitting on the ground his right and doing my to clean myself and straighten my hair.

At the Chief's command, everyone filed back into the large hut and the tribal elders resumed their seats to the right and left of Chief Makonnen. I was now acutely aware of the fact that I was only covered from the waist down, leaving my breasts exposed for all to see, and that the entire group had undoubtedly been standing on the other side of the thin walls of the hut, listening to me moaning loudly as the Chief fucked me.

Faraji stood at the back of the room, doing his best to not look at my now exposed from. Chief Makonnen began to address the room, but without Faraji translating I had no way of knowing what he was saying.

I had never felt so submissive in my life, sitting half naked at the feel of a man who had who had only moments ago deposited into me the load of cum that now dripped from my still wet entrance. Even now, I was sure that his speech was about how he had claimed the new white woman as his mate and gave her a proper good fucking.

What the fuck had I gotten myself into?

Once the Chief was finished, most of those gathered began to leave the hut. I began to stand and follow the, but the Chief's firm hand on my shoulder instructed me to stay seated at his feet.

Only the tribal elders and a few other men remained in the central hut. They spoke in quietly in what was clearly a very serious and important meeting. I sat at the Chief's feet, his object and prize.

Once the meeting was done, the Chief rose and instructed me to follow. We left the hut and found the entire tribe gathered around a central camp fire, eating meat skewered on stick and other food plated on large leave. I was handed food by Chief Makonnen and wasted no time in wolfing it down. I had not eaten since earlier that day and was starving.

As the Chief talked and laughed with other members of the tribe, it was clear that I was allowed to have my own conversations in the setting. I quickly found Faraji and asked him what was going on.

"This is the night meal." He said, looking me very intentionally in the eyes and clearly embarrassed by my exposed breasts, "Every night the tribe comes together and all members share what they have."

"What did the chief talk about earlier?" I asked, almost already knowing the answer.

Faraji asked if I was sure I wanted to hear, before saying, "the Chief spoke about how he had taken the white woman and put a child in her belly. That tomorrow you would be made a member of the tribe with the customary rings and tattoos, and that your life would have meaning and honor as a mother and mate."

I chuckled, "Oh, so nothing super crazy then."

As we were standing by the fire talking, a tribal woman approached Faraji and I. She was heavily pregnant, with very large breasts. She began to talk to Faraji in the native language.

After a moment's he turned to me and said, "This is Mil'e'k. She is carrying Chief Makonnen's child as well, she wishes great health upon her child's brother of sister."

"Thank you." I said, slightly stunned. I guess Chief Makonnen gets around the village.

She reached out and touched my bare belly, looking me in the eyes and saying something very seriously. I turned to Faraji who said, "She is wishing you a safe pregnancy and a living birth."

Feeling I should return the favor, I placed my hands on her massive belly and wished her good health. She smiled and nodded before walking away to join another group talking. Faraji and I had barely returned to our conversation before Chief Makonnen approached and, without saying a word, took me by the wrist and led me away from Faraji. Not exactly in a position to protest, I followed.

The sun was setting behind the tree line as he lead me through the village to a new hut, nowhere near as large as the central meeting hut we had been in before, but still one of the larger huts in the village. He pushed aside the cloth that hung over the entranceway and led me inside.

This must be his personal dwelling, I guessed. On one end of the room was a thatched straw mat that I guessed was meant for us to sleep on, the rest of the hut was comprised of a small alter, small containers full of ceremonial beads, more of the traditional cloth coverings, and a few small wooden boxes. I didn't have more than a second to look around before Makonnen was removing his cloth and wrapping his arms around my waist.

This time, however, I was not pushed to the floor and fucked. He began by kissing down the nape of my neck, his hands slowly removing my cloth covering. He took one of my breasts into his mouth as we sank to the floor and a few seconds later I felt my legs being gently spread and his throbbing black cock sliding into my still dripping womanhood.

Instead of roughly pounding into me, like before. His hands explored my body, groping and caressing me as he slowly moved his cock in and out of my well lubricated pussy. He paused with each careful thrust, allowing me to feel my walls stretch to accommodate his size. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rhythm of his movement, letting his member fill me completely with each motion.

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