African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 4

African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 4

I cried the rest of the night as his seed dripped from me.

[Week 38, Day 1]

I asked about Makonnen to the warrior the feeds me. He said nothing, only shaking his head and grimacing. I have started having contractions, a searing pain shooting through my belly at odd intervals. I am likely only a week or so from giving birth and a part of me can hardly wait for it. My belly has made me the size of a whale and my tits are now constantly swollen and dripping milk.

Bahari now comes to my tent every night and presents his cock to me. When I refuse to open my mouth, he takes great pleasure in pushing me to the ground and taking me. Forcefully reminding me that I am his object to be used.

[Week 39, Day 4]

I finally relented. I could no longer endure the cum that oozed from my hole as I attempted to sleep every night. The constant reminder of what Bahari took from me and that I am only a pregnant cunt to be fucked.

As he presented his cock to me, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around its bulbous head. He smiled, and grabbed the back of my head, forcing his member further down my throat. I looked weakly up at him as I felt the warmth of his cock sliding into my mouth.

"That's a good girl." He moaned as he face fucked me. He stroked my head as I bobbed back and forth on his cock, feeling him slide deeper and deeper down my throat. His balls slapped against my chin as I took his entire member into me.

With a deep groan, He spewed his salty cum into my mouth, causing me to cough and choke. The bitter warmth of knowing that he had finally reduced me to nothing but an obedient object, lacking even the power to refuse her worst enemy.

He patted me on the head and left me alone with the taste of his cum and the truth that he had finally broken me.

I am sure to give birth very soon. My contractions are getting stronger and closer together, causing me to double over in pain several times per day.

[Week 39. Day 6]

My water broke late tonight. Kapera was allowed in to care for me. She is at my side now and the contractions are getting stronger and stronger. I'm will hopefully have a child by sunrise tomorrow.

[Week 39, Day 7]

Early this morning I gave birth to a healthy son. Kapera held my hand throughout the night as waves of the painful contractions reduced me to tears. Finally, the time came and she told me to push. A moment later I was holding him in my arms. Kapera cut his cord with the ceremonial knife and told me to put him to my breast.

I had only been with my son for a few minutes when Bahari appeared at the door and ordered my son to be taken from me. One warrior held me down as the other tore my son out of my arms and carried him out the door.


I wrote nothing else in my journal after that. I spent nearly a month doing nothing but crying as hormones flooded by body as it recovered from giving birth. Bahari kept me locked up for two more months after I had my baby.

One morning, on what was probably week 49 or 50 (I had lost track by this point) I awoke to the feeling of warriors pulling me to my feet and dragging me from the hut. I walked, still naked, through the village. My body, by the way, had recovered well from being pregnant. My stomach was flat again, though did not have the tone from before my breeding. My boobs were still much bigger than before, webbed with blue veins with large, dark red nipples. My tribal tattoos had survived the pregnancy intact, still marking me as Mokonnen's mate. The tree etched across my stomach was now a sad reminder of defeat. I was taken to the central hut, where Bahari sat upon the Chief's throne. The room was filled with people and I was walked to the center, my hands still bound behind my back.

To be continued...


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