African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 3

African Mating Rituals page 3
African Mating Rituals Page 3

He hit me again and again, throwing me back to the ground every time I attempted to rise and hitting my face every time I attempted to speak. Once he was satisfied with my beating, he grabbed me by the neck and drug me across the ritual area to one of the large wooden poles that had been erected to hold totems at the top of them.

As Chief Makonnen pushed me against the pole, a warrior grasped my hands and bound them tight to the wood. Tears flowing down my cheeks, I begged Makonnen for forgiveness.

"I cannot forgive your dishonor until a lesson has been learned." He said in a calm, cold voice.

I could not see what Makonnen was doing, strained my neck as hard as I could, desperate to see what was about to happen.

"Bahari, you make conduct the punishment so that your honor is restored." I heard Makonnen's voice say behind me.

The thought of what the punishment might be barely crossed my mind before I heard a louch CRACK and felt a searing pain streak across my back. All was silent for a moment before another CRACK, and the whip struck me a second time. CRACK, pain. CRACK, pain. Ten times Bahari struck me, and with each strike of which I screamed in agony at the top of my lungs. Tears poured down my cheeks as I begged Bahari for mercy.

"You are a woman and will know your place." He said between each strike, a sense of complete satisfaction in his voice.

Once the punishment was over, I was cut down from the pole. I slumped against its side on the ground, crying and wailing over the searing pain couring throughout my entire body. My back felt as if it had been dipped in molten medal. I could feel where the whip had tom my skin as blood trickled down my back. Warriors approached me and drug me to my feet. I wanted to scream, yell, fight, run but all I did was sob.

I was drug to the hut of Kapera, who applied herbs to keep my wounds from being infected and did her best to stop the flow of blood. She was not allowed to dull my pain, however, as that would lessen the punishment.

I was taken back to Makonnen's hut and left alone. I simply lay their sobbing for hours, until I had no more tears to cry and only wailed in pain. I was in too much pain to sleep, to stand, or even speak. The only thoughts that ran through my mind save for the pain was that I had disappointed Chief Makonnen and had been punished in front of the entire tribe.

Chief Makonnen did not sleep in the hut that night, I imagined him laying with another woman and putting his seed in her belly, causing me to cry even harder.

I was brought food by some of the kind women who did not hate me for my discrace. They comforted me and made sure I ate.

On the second night, Chief Makonnen returned to our hut and slept beside me. This morning, the third day, he rose and took me with him about his business as if nothing had happened. I felt pure joy at knowing I was forgiven and once again his mate. My hand rested on my belly throughout the day, glowing with pride that Chief Makonnen's child grew within me.

[Week 8, Day 2]

Things have been blissful within the tribe these last few weeks. Makonnen still allows me to join him in court every morning, and in the evenings I am welcomed by my fellow women and mothers to prepare all that the tribe needs. I am welcomed with love and openness at our nightly feasts, and afterwards return with Makonnen to our hut where he makes love to me. I go to sleep every night with his seed inside me and his love surrounding me.

After the punishment, I have learned that I must set aside my old ways of America and the outside world in order to be a part of the Akebarak. While I am here I must devote myself fully to playing the part of wife and future mother.

That being said, I have begun to truly love Makonnen. He is strong and wise. He leads the tribe with such passion and cares deeply for his people. Despite being an outsider and disappointing him occasion, he embraces me with his love and the love I know that he will have for our child.

My pregnancy is going well. I have noticed that my breasts are definitely larger than before and my sickness has begun to subside.

[Week 11, Day 5]

I've definitely begun to develop a bit of a baby bump. The Akebarak have no mirrors, of course, but when I run my hands along my belly it does not feel as flat as it used to. My boobs are still growing as well, I would definitely be a D cup now in the US. I am no longer sick but my body still aches at strange times.

The worst part is the food cravings. I have eaten well while with the Akebarak but this morning I woke up craving ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yesterday, all I could think about was eating a greasy fast food hamburger. I persist on roasted meet, vegetables, and beans but what I wouldn't give to have a taco truck in the middle of the African jungle.

[Week 15, Day 5]

More changes have come in the last few weeks. My belly continues to grow, now a small but solid bump. My boobs are growing still as well, and are now webbed with blue veins. My nipples have also been growing, and have turned from a rosey pink color to a dark burgundy. The most definite change however is that I can now thing of nothing else save for Chief Makonnen's cock. My hormones have caused it to haunt me day and night, filling my head even in the most mundane of circumstances.

In the morning, I often wake him my pleasuring his member with my mouth. Shoving his black cock down my throat as my tongue runs up and down his shaft. He had picked up the western practice of cumming on me, smiling as his seed covers my smiling face. Other mornings, I climb atop him and slip him into me, him until he cums deep inside me.

In the evenings, I need only whisper in his ear and he will spirit me away to our hut and fuck me loudly. I have long since stopped caring about the village hearing me cum loudly as Makonnen's black cock abuses me.

Many days I lay next to him, my cunt still dripping with his seed, and I have already begun dreaming of feeling him inside me again.

[Week 20, Day 1]

It's been five weeks since I last updated this journal. Things have been wonderful. I am very pregnant, my belly has grown into a proper bump. I've also noticed that my nipples are no longer the bright pink they once were, having turned a reddish brown color. I've found my hand always absentmindedly drifting to my belly, especially as I have begun to feel the kicks of Chief Makonnen's child inside of me. I know already that it will be strong like it's father.

My hunger to be fucked has not subsided. I look now even at the other men of the tribe and imagine myself lying with them. My heart belongs to Chief Makonnen but my body tell me that its wants to be filled by every man's cock.

This afternoon I found time to meet with Faraji. He and I had not had much time together since I became pregnant and it was wonderful to catch up. He has dedicated himself to writing about the Akebarak since it became clear that my priorities lay elsewhere. He spoke about his plans to leave the tribe and return to the outside world. I begged him to stay, as I believe we have found a home with the tribe. He leaned in close, until his lips were only an inch from my ear.

"Work has reached me that Bahari seeks to overthrow Makonnen and name himself Chief. He is gathering support amongst the warriors who believe that making you his mate weakened Makonnen. We will not be safe if he succeeds."

I sat shocked. I knew Bahari still hated me but to attempt to overthrow Makonnen was unheard of. I thanked Faraji and left his hut.

As I walked back across the village I searched my mind for a way to tell Makonnen and have my words be believed. I was a woman and Faraji was an outsider, Chief Makonnen would never believe our claims about his most trusted warrior. I decided to wait and listen, observing Bahari's actions to see for myself if it was true.

[Week 26, Day 5]

I have watched Bahari for over a month now and he is definitely plotting something. He has become more and more hostile toward Chief Makonnen and refuses to even acknowledge my presence. Have attempted on several occasions to express my suspicion to the Chief, each time he waves his hand and blames my pregnant mind.

Faraji left yesterday. He said it was time for him to return to the outside world and publish his findings on the Akebarak. He asked me to come with him, but I refused. I had not expected it, but I have found my place among the tribe.

Speaking of which, I have grown quite a bit since I last wrote to you. My stomach now bluges out past my tits, which on its own is now a substantial thing. Despite their growth, the tribal markings across my breasts and belly have retained their shape and, from the complements of the other women, give me the appearance of a fertility idol worth of an alter. It is a new feeling to enjoy being with child. It has begun to sink in that in a few months I will give birth to a new life and feed it from my breasts.

My hunger for sex has begun to subside. Not for lack of want but for lack of energy. As I grow bigger, I am less able to please Chief Makonnen.

[Week 32, Day 1]

Pregnancy is beginning to take its toll on my body. My belly is massive, and has begun to make my duties difficult. I am a walking whale at the best of times. I struggle to lower myself to the ground in order to sit at Makonnen's feat and often cannot sleep comfortably. My breasts would surely be a DD by now, they are full and sore constantly. Milk has begun to drip from my large nipples, causing me to become uncomfortably sticky throughout the day. My hands and feet have even swollen. I can barely walk from one end of the village to the other without getting winded. I am entirely governed by my feelings. If I feel the slightest bit sad, I cry. When I see something I love, I cry in happiness.

My child's kicks have become stronger as well. I have nearly yelp in pain when a badly placed one sends a shock through my body. I often find myself wondering what my child will be like. If he is a boy, I believe he will be strong and wise like his father but kind and generous. If she is a girl, she will be difficult to tame when she is young but will mature into a fine mate and mother.

[Week 37, Day 7]

I am afraid. This morning, Bahari address Chief Makonnen in his morning meeting. He demanded that my child never be allowed to become Chief, and that Makonnen take up with a native born tribeswoman.

Makonnen respond with anger, admonishing Bahari for offending his mate and cursing him for insubordination. Many men rose to Bahari's defense and called me a white demon and a snake in disguise. I sat there, forbidden to speak, cradling my belly in my arms as men called for my banishment.

Chief Makonnen eventually restored order but he is losing the support of his people. I fear that if he cannot calm them, I am in danger. I cannot flee. My pregnant state make it difficult to walk, much less run, and I feel my heart telling me that my role is to support Makonnen no matter the cost.

At dinner, the women of Bahari's warriors kept their distance from the rest of the women. Prefering to stay in their own group. Warriors whisper behind others backs, saying ill words about the state of the tribe. I fear the worst coming soon

[Week 37, Day 4]

They have allowed me to keep my journal as a token of mercy. It is written in English, so it was not as if they understood its contents.

I awoke yesterday morning to the sounds of yelling. Makonnen had risen early and left for the meeting hut without me. I struggled rising from the bed, my unweildy belly hindering me constantly. As I dressed, I noticed that I had leaked milk in the night and a wet stain had formed in the center of the sleeping mat. I dressed and left the hut, waddling slowly towards the commotion. Before I could arrive, one of the other tribeswomen stopped me.

"You should not enter the meeting hut, it is not safe for you." She grabbed me by the shoulders and led me away to sit with her and the other women. They were completing their morning chores of weaving baskets.

I heaved my large form to the ground and began to aid one of them in weaving, trying my hardest to ignore the shouting from the meeting tent.

Not long passed before Chief Makonnen stormed from the meeting tent, yelling for the warriors to gather arms. Chaos erupted in the village, as the warrior loyal to Makonnen stook ready for battle against their brothers loyal to Bahari. Both sides stood firm, Makonnen had donned his war dress and proclaimed loudly his strength as Chief.

Bahari backed down. He apologized and reaffirmed his allegiance to Makonnen. The Chief, always the magnanimous man, accepted his apology and allowed him to go free.

The rest of the day was spent in a gloom. The tribe had been split in spirit if not in actual war. Most people ate in silence. Chief Makonnen's people sat on one side of the fire and Bahari's on the other.

I sat next to the Chief. I was the white outsider who carried the Chief's child in her belly. Small drops of milk hung from my large and brown nipples as I felt the stares from the other side of the village. The Chief elected to retire early with me following in tow. A warrior stood outside the door of our hut as we slept that night.

I was jolted awake by the feeling of two men pulling me to my feet. Greeted by yelling and cursing, it took me a moment to become aware of my surroundings. In front of me I could see Makonnen, being held to the ground by three of Bahari's warriors. I was being held by two more. Makonnen was calling them traitors and swearing to execute every one of them. They responded that he was no longer Chief and his demands had no weight.

They pulled me away from the tent and forced me to march, still naked from sleep, through the village. Every stared, as my pregnant form was lead through the village. Teared streamed down my face as it took every bit of my energy to stay silent as they led me to the central hut. There I was made to wait, as two guards barred the entrance. A third man entered with rope, he bound my hands behind my back. He tied one end of a another piece of rope around my neck and fastened the other end to a wooden stake that had been driven into the ground. The rope was not very long and I forced into a kneeling position.

The men watched me silently until Bahari entered the hut. He now wore the trappings of the Chief, and the men bowed to him as they once had to Makonnen as he entered the room.

"It is good to see you today." Bahari smiled as he saw me, naked and tied up before him.

"I have just come from seeing to Makonnen," He continued, "He did not take quietly being removed as Chief but he submitted before I was forced to execute him."

Bahari kneeled down, spreading his legs intentionally so that his exposed cock was at my eye level.

"Unfortunately, for him to submit I did have to castrate him. I suppose that makes your role as his mate much easier though." He laughed, running his finger along the side of my face.

"Still, he was lucky to have you. Even large with child, you are still a beauty to behold."

He moved his hand down, tracing his fingers along my skin until he reached my engorged breast. He ran his fingers along the thick blue veins that now ran along the surface of my milk filled tits. He took his time running his fingers over the series of bumps that formed my tribal tattoos, staring especially at the birth that marked me as Makonnen's mate. He cupped my breast in his hand, bouncing it up and down.

"I admired the size of your breasts when you first arrived, but they are even better now." He pinched my nipple, causing me to wince, and rolled it around between his fingers. Drops of milk trickled down his hand as he stimulated me.

I could see his cock becoming erect as he toyed with me. He gave my breast a good squeeze and a spray of milk shot from my nipple.

"You are quite the milk cow." He chuckled.

Standing back up, he removed the cloth covering his bulging member, placing it only an inch from my face.

"I want you to show loyalty as your new Chief, take my cock into your mouth." He said, placing the head just in front of my lips.

I stared up at Bahari. This man who hated me from the time I arrived, who had plotted against Makonnen and now claimed to have castrated him, who sought to lead the Akebarak through fear. I refused to suck his cock, only staring up at him in defiance.

He waited for a moment, his black cock hovering in front of my mouth. He looked down at me with disgust as it became clear I would not go willingly.

"Disappointing, I guess we have to do this the hard way." He sighed.

Bahari grabbed me by the back of the neck, pushing me face first into the ground. I felt his hand roughly grab my ass and spread my cheek apart. He was behind me, I felt his finger move across my slit.

He was going to fuck me. He had taken Makonnen's tribe, taken his manhood, and was now going to take his woman. Bahari was about to fuck me for no other reason than he could. He wanted to hurt me, he wanted to hurt my child. Now he had me face down on the cold dirt as he slid his cock into my swollen pregnant pussy.

"Please stop," I begged, "Please let me go."

He showed no mercy in fucking me roughly, pushing my body into the dirt with each thrust. My swollen breasts rippled with the force of his motion. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled hard as he fucked me. I closed my eyes, lacking the strength to even beg.

Bahari used me with pleasure, driving his black cock deep into my cunt again and again. He took great pleasure in seeing me on my knees before him, proving that I was worth nothing except as an object to be fucked. Finally, I felt his member twitch and release a flood of cum into me. With a deep sigh of satisfaction, Bahari pulled out of me and gave my ass a gentle pat before standing. I just lay there, closing my eyes and sobbing quietly as Bahari's cum dripped from my swollen opening.

"That was wonderful." Bahari said, stretching, "I think I'll use you again sometime. When I need somewhere worthless to deposit my cum."

He gave orders to the soldiers, who untied the rope from the stake and hauled me to my feet. I cooperated as they led me by the rope out of the tent and paraded me through the village to one of the small huts on the edge of the village. There, I was staked to the ground again and told that I was Bahari's prisoner from this day forward. The bonds around my hands were cut, and I was left alone.

A few hours later, a warrior arrived with some food and objects of kindness from Bahari. Mostly useless trinkets but included amonst them was this journal. So, here I sit, my heart aches for Makonnen. I don't even know if he alive or dead, had Bahari really castrated him, was he torturing him somewhere right now. I was afraid for myself the child inside me, there is no way Bahari will allow Makonnen's child to live.

[Week 37, Day 5]

I have been left alone here most of day. Save for the warrior who twice brought me food, I've had no visitors and heard nothing about the state of the tribe. Thoughts of Makonnen still float through my mind, my heart aches for him. I sit in the hut along and cradle my belly, feeling the strong kicks of his child inside me. I trace my fingers along the tree on my stomach, thinking only how it would never grow big and bountiful.

That night, after I the sun had gone down, Bahari entered my prison hut. He reached down and began to remove his covering, revealing his erect member.

"Suck my cock slave." He said, thrusting his member in front of my face.

For a second day, I refused. Keeping silent and my mouth closed. My heart races, as I guessed what would follow. After a few moment, he again pushed me to the floor and held my face to the dirt as he pushed his cock into my hole. He fucked me relentlessly before again depositing a load of his cum deep into my pregnant pussy.

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