African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 2

African Mating Rituals Page 2
African Mating Rituals Page 2
After a few minutes of his attention, I arched my back and began to let out deep moans as an orgasm built inside me. He grabbed my hips as I came, grinding his massive cock inside of me. When it was finally over, I opened my eyes and found him staring at me with the same intense ownership as before. He knew that as long as he could make me cum, I was his to do with as he please.

He fucked me for a few more minutes before filling with more of his cum. After he pulled out, he lay next to me on the mat, wrapping me in his massive arms and holding me until we both fell asleep.

So that brings us up to now, it's the middle of the night and I found just enough of the fire shouldering to see what I am writing. I'm naked save for this thin cloth. I was unable to figure out how the women had attached it to me earlier and am now wearing it like a bath towel.

When I woke up this morning I was an American girl looking for some fun before she started grad school, now I am mate to an African chief and will no doubted be pregnant with his offspring soon. Well, I wanted adventure.

[Day 6]

Alright, I am really trying hard to document life now. Today was another big one.

I awoke this morning to the now familiar feeling of Chief Makonnen's cock inside of me. He had begun to fuck me from behind as I slept, relieving his morning wood. I lay quietly, far from in the mood for passionate sex and very sore from yesterday. He finished inside me quietly before rolling over and going back to sleep.

Not long after, I was greeted by the sun shining through the gaps in our hut and a call for the Chief from a stranger standing outside. He was only gone for a moment before returning and motioning for me to stand.

An old woman entered the hut as I was attempting to wrap myself. Tutting at me, she fastened the skirt around me the proper way before taking me by the hand and leading me out into the village. Still not used to being topless all the time, my hands naturally attempted to cover my breasts before I realized the foolishness of it. The old woman let me across the village to a new hut.

Inside were two other old women kneeling around a straw mat accompanied by four of the tribe's warriors. Around them were many tools, a piece of cloth, and a bowl of some dark liquid. A strong smelling incense burnt in the corner. It seemed that Chief Makonnen has not been incorrect, I was about to be tattooed and marked as a member of the tribe.

I lay down on the mat as one of the old women removed the skirt I had so recently donned, leaving me lying naked on the floor. Each of the four men held down one of my limbs as one of the women placed a dried root in my mouth. Without saying a word they went to work. It seems that their method of tattooing involves lightly cutting the skin and filling the small wound with a black paste. It is as excruciatingly painful as you expect it to be. Despite being physically held down and my mouth gagged, I fought to escape with every cut. For what seemed like hours I was tortured, cut and filled, cut and filled. This was the rite of passage, I would be told later, you only join the tribe if you accept the pain.

So, I bet you're wondering what I have to show for it, right? Here: a rundown.

Around both my nipples they carved flower pedal shaped designs, with my nipples being the center of the flower and the ink outlines as the petals. Above the flowers, they carved a bird into my right breast that looked to be a copy of the one on Chief Makonnen's chest and a symbol which I did not recognize into my left.

Down both sides of my arms were carmed alternating lines and triangles, from my shoulder to my elbow. Finally, the largest and most time consuming piece, was a work that resembled a large tree. It's trunk running from the base of my chest to the roots spreading close to my crotch, this accompanied my many lines jutting up from the trunk as leaves. All of these tattoos, of course, were raised on my skin, forming not only black marks but small bumpy outlines of the designs.

After the women were finished, I was left alone in the tent to heal. I could see enough of the sun to know that it was now afternoon, and that my initiation had taken most of the day. The comination of the hundreds of tiny cuts around my body and the soreness from being so roughly taken yesterday.

Late in the afternoon, a woman arrived with water to wash me and feed me. She gave me herbs, and instructed me to chew them. They had a strong medicinal affect and soon the pain was numbed enough for me to stand and walk.

I dressed and left the tent. The woman brought me to Chief Makonnen to present myself to him. He smiled and ran his fingers over my new marking, causing me to wince in pain. He seemed pleased, though I still have no idea what these marking mean.

As the tribe gathered for dinner, I found Faraji. He had shed his western clothes for a tribal cloth covering and seemed pleased to see me.

"You have joined the tribe I see, how was it?"

"Painful," I replied, "Can you tell me what any of this means?"

"Well, I do not know enough of the Akebarak to tell you exactly but I can make some guesses based on regional traditions."


"The bird means strength and bravery, but because it is worn on Makonnen's chest it means you belong to him."

"I guessed that much," I scowled. I was still not fond of the idea of belonging to someone.

"The flowers represent fertility, and your nipples as the stamen represent the hopes that you will produce healthy babies and much milk."

"Alright, he's knocking me up, I got that much."

"The marking on your left breast is the tribal mark and the Akebarak and your arm designs are purely decorative."

"What about this tree they put on my stomach?"

"A large family, as your belly grows with child so will the tree and your family will expand."

"Wonderful, so my identity in the tribe is that Chief Makonnen owns me and is going to make me give birth to lots of his babies."

"Alyssa, that is what you accepted when you agreed to become his mate."

I ate in silence beside Chief Makonnen for the rest of the men. All of the tribal women gawked at my new markings and smiled in appreciation. I still don't speak their language well enough to communicate, but I am beginning to pick up a few words here and there. I heard the words for 'mate' and 'beauty' thrown around a lot.

By the way, the work for mate in their language is e'kee. It also now seems to be my name for all intents and purposes.

After dinner, the Chief led me back to the hut and fucked me again. His massive cock causing me to ache more as it filled my hole. I closed my eyes and allowed him to use me until he filled me up with his cum once again. He then drifted off to sleep, a blissful afterglow smile across his face.

[Day 7]

Today I was taken back to the ceremony hut and my ritual piercings were done. These weren't nearly as bad as the tattoos and only took about an hour. The elder women began by piercing my septum and putting a long skinny bone through the opening. They pierced the skin above my right eyebrow with small studs and put large holes through both my earlobes.

I imagined what my friends back in the states would do if they saw me now, topless with my entire front tattooed with ridges and my face covered in bone piercings. Not to mention the chief's cum that still continuously dribbled from my pussy.

He fucked me again this morning by the way, wasting no time after he awoke turning me on my stomach and jackhammering his member into my still sore cunt.

I spent the rest of the morning at the chief's feet in the central hut as his ornament. As he spoke with various members of the tribe, he would often absentmindedly stroke my head and play with my hair.

This afternoon, the chief left me alone to go out with a hunting party and I was able to spend a few hours with Faraji. We sat together in his hut, going over elements of the Akebarak language and grammatical structure. I am beginning to understand more and more of what I hear, and can even speak a few rudimentary sentences.

The Chief was very excited when the hunting party returned, they had killed a large wild boar. After ordering the boar to be cooked for that night's feast, Chief Makonnen practically drug me back to his hut and fucked me harder than he ever had before.

He threw me down onto the floor of the hut as we entered and wasted no time before his throbbing member was inside me. He seem very satisfied as I squeaked with each rough thrust of his cock and after only a few minutes of being fucked was cumming loudly.

He let out an animalist grunt as he filled me with cum. Immediately after pulling out of me, he grabbed me again by the neck and pulled my face towards his still hard cock. Getting the message, I licked his member clean of his cum and my juices. I was ashamed to admit, there were times I enjoyed being his fuck toy.

By the time we arrived at the feast, my ass was already sore from the fucking. I ate wild boar and began to make simple conversation with some of the tribe's people. Most of them were kind and patient as I spoke to them in sentences that a five year old might say. All the while, my pussy still oozed the chief's warm cum.

[Week 2, Day 3]

Sorry for the lack of updates but I think we are beginning to settle into a steady daily routine. Every morning the Chief fucks me as he wakes up. We then dress and I follow him to the main hut and sit at his feet as he conducts tribal business. Although am understanding more and more of the discussion, I dare not speak. I am his trophy and decoration in the room.

The afternoon I have some time to myself as the chief does his own work around the tribe. Most days I join the other women of the tribe. They have been teaching all of the things that, "a good woman and mother must know." Weaving baskets, making cloth, building fire, making tools and bowels and ritual implements.

From an academic point of view, this is all valuable knowledge that could change the way we view older civilizations and their toolmaking prowess, but that has all taken a backseat for the moment.

As the afternoon grow late, I usually help the women prepare the evening feast. Some days, however, Chief Makonnen returns from a hunting party or war rituals and in a manly fever must drag his woman off to his hut and breed her.

Either way, we eat evening meal together. It is a ritual that allows the tribe to bond as a community. Regardless of the rest of the day, every night ends with Chief Makonnen holding me tightly in his arms as he falls asleep.

[Week 2, Day 5]

Today marks one week with the Akebarak, although it feels like so much longer. I have gotten the hang of most of the basics of their language and can now have proper conversations. Today, Chief Makonnen did something he has never done before and wanted to talk to me. We sat in the hut in the evening, after he had finished having his way with me, and I answered questions about myself.

I told him that my name was Alyssa, which he began to pronounce Ayessa. That I was from a far away place called Ohio, where most people had white skin like mine. I told him that I had agreed to be his mate to learn more about his people, and he responded that role was not to learn but to be silent among men, sisterly among women, and nurturing among children. He then turned over and went to sleep.

[Week 3, Day 1]

So I'm pretty sure I'm finally pregnant. This morning I woke to a dull ache in my boobs and as Chief Makonnen went about our morning sex I nearly yelp in pain as he grabbed one of them. I've also been more tired than usual in the last few days. My period is meant to start in two days, I guess we will see then.

[Week 3, Day 3]

Yup, I'm definitely pregnant. No period and a I spewed my midday meal all over the bushes this afternoon. My boobs now ache constantly and I've nearly fallen asleep more than once in the Chief's morning counsel. It's hardly suprising though, I would guess that the chief must have dumped a literal gallon of cum into me.

This afternoon I went to see Kapera, the tribe's medicine woman, and explained my symptoms to her as best I could. I still didn't know many words for things, but with some miming and expressions, she got the idea.

She lit a small bowel of incense and began to pray over me. She placed her hands first on my stomach, then on my breasts, and finally on my face.

"Have you lost your moon blood?"

"Yes, Kapera." I said,

"and Chief Makonnen has been sowing his seed?"

"Yes, Kapera."

"Then you are with child, sweetest white flower."

I rose, bowed, and left. That was fucking useless, but Kapera is the official determiner of pregnancy within the tribe. If she didn't give her ok, I wasn't really knocked up

Word quickly spread around the village, and everywhere I walked the tribe offered congratulations.

Chief Makonnen found me soon after hearing the news and embraced me, whispering in my ear that this shall be the first of many. He took my hand and led me back to the hut, where he gently made love to me. He seemed to take as much pleasure cumming inside me as before.

How do I feel about being pregnant? By western standards, I'm probably four weeks pregnant. I hadn't exactly planned on my first child being born in the middle of the African jungle, but I'll make the most of it.

[Week 4, Day 3]

Being pregnant fucking sucks. I wake up every morning and puke my guts out. Sit as Chief Makonnen's mate in the meetings, and then puke again. I feel like I've got a bad hangover 24/7 plus my boobs never stop hurting.

Other than that, not much to report. I'm still the trophy white girl of the tribe. People still won't shut up about how my family will grow great and strong like the tallest tree. How lucky I am to bare Chief Makonnen's lineage.

The Chief has finally started only fucking me only once a day most days. He sees the story state I'm in when I wake in the morning and leaves me in peace. Every night though, he fucks me with even greater intensity and gets the same look of blissful satisfaction when he sees his cum oozing from my pregnant pussy.

[Week 4, Day 7]

There has been a lot of chatter around the tribe about everyone's excitement for the Feast of Father Sun next week. One of the tribeswomen described it to me as the day in which they give praise to the sun for rising every morning and setting every night, keeping them safe from enemies and giving life to all things. Doing some math in my head, I realize that the feast will fall within a few days of the summer solstice. Going to definitely include a chapter about this in my book, provided I am able to write it.

Still, seems like it will be something fun, I was told there will be feasting, games, competitions, and dancing.

[Week 5, Day 4]

So, today was the first day of the Feast of Father Sun. Chief Makonnen rose early brought me in tow as he surveyed all of the preparations. A great open area had been cleared in the center of the village with a great bonfire prepared in the center. On one end, large drums were being constructed and on the other, a great alter with a carving of the sun.

Around noon, I helped women to decorate the alter with flowers and bright plants. We sat and prayed in front of it, thanking the sun for being our eternal light.

It was in the middle of the afternoon that the real festivities began, I sat dutifully at the feet of Chief Makonnen as he lead the ceremony to open the festival and gave worship to the sun. Dancers began to play as the great fire was lit and the warrior of the tribe came out to dance in unison around it. Food was brought out, and as various members of the tribe performed, the rest ate and enjoyed the entertainment.

I am getting close to fluent in the Akebarak language, and was welcomed into conversations with the other women and mates of the tribe. The men sat off in another corner, talking to themselves laughing. Children ran around and played, often coming back to the women smiling and laughing.

As night fell, the fire shone bright against the dark sky and the fest continued. Chief Makonnen made a second speech after dark.

"Tonight we stand watch for the sun, our fire, our music, and our dancing will keep the land safe and evil far away. Then sun may rest but we stand ever watchful on this one night."

He was very good at things like this, being inspirational to the tribe. It was very clear to everyone why Makonnen was chief and why the tribe was devoted to him. I hate to admit it, but I am finding him more and more attractive.

Eventually the fire died down and the tribe drifted off to bed. This would begin again tomorrow, I was told, and last for two more nights.

[Week 5, Day 6]

So it's been a few days since I was last able to write in here. The Feast of the Sun is over now and I should tell you what happened.

On the afternoon of the feast of the second day, the tribe began to dance as they had the day before. I was happy, enjoying the music and the food and the company of the other women of the tribe. These women had become my genuine friends as I have served as Makonnen's mate. They are mates of the great warriors and elders of the tribe. Many of them are pregnant, or have infants suckling at their breasts, they speak about how happy they are to bare children for the strong warriors and that their purpose is to birth the future of their people. They have shown great kindness to a white skinned outsider like myself, and were generous in marking my body with the great symbols of their tribe.

As the sun began to sink low in the sky, several of the men came over after dancing to ask if we women had enjoyed their dance. We smiled and laughed, telling them we had and how great of warriors they are to dance like that.

"Only a strong man can dance with such grace." One of the warriors, Bahari, said to us, "females and weak men will fall and make a fool of themselves. Only a warrior with strength and agility can accomplish such a feat."

Bahari was one of Makonnen's finest warriors. He had been present when I was given to the tribe, and truthfully never been impressed with the Chief taking a while mate.

I was foolish and took offense to what was said. In my old life, before I was mate to the great Chief Makonnen, I had spent four year in dance lessons and had competed in a Irish river dancing competition.

The steady drum beat reminded me of river dance music, and I took it as a challenge to prove Bahari wrong.

"Women are strong as well." I told him, "I can dance with all of the grace and strength you have."

The women around me looked shocked and Bahari laughed.

"Very well, enter the circle and dance."

I rose to my feet and stepped into the large arena. The entire tribe began to quiet as they saw me, never having seen a woman attempt the ritually dance before.

I listened carefully to the rhythem and began to dance. Moving my feet in a manner that mixed together the dance I had been trained in and what I had seen the warriors doing in the previous two days.

It was difficult, my breasts bounced wildly as I danced and all of the soreness from pregnancy made my body ache. The crowd gasped and murmured. A few of the men nodded in approval as I was able to move with all of the strength their warriors had.

I danced for long enough to prove Bahari wrong before taking a bow and walking back to the other women. Without saying a work, Bahari huffed and walked back over to the men.

Not a moment later, before I had even the chance to sit down. Chief Makonnen was upon me. He grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground, as I attempted to get up his hand smacked me hard across the face.

"My mate will not dishonor me." The Chief said, slapping my face again, "you will know your place."

Read page 3 (to be continued)


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