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My real life Sexual Encounters Vol. 1 Episode - 05

I was enjoying my normal life along with my secret sex life with my uncle without any problem. Once in a while, watching my parents in the night when they were in sex game had continued and sex had become a necessary and very important part of my life. I have learned everything about sex from uncle and I consider myself as SEXPERT.
My body was developing fast and taking a beautiful shape, I do not know whether this is because of having regular sex or because of my growing age. I was looking like a fully matured girl in the age of 16/17.

African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 4

I cried the rest of the night as his seed dripped from me.

[Week 38, Day 1]

I asked about Makonnen to the warrior the feeds me. He said nothing, only shaking his head and grimacing. I have started having contractions, a searing pain shooting through my belly at odd intervals. I am likely only a week or so from giving birth and a part of me can hardly wait for it. My belly has made me the size of a whale and my tits are now constantly swollen and dripping milk.

Bahari now comes to my tent every night and presents his cock to me.

My real life Sexual Encounters Vol. 1 Episode - 04

Although, socially it may not be considered to be right or good to have sexual relationship with own uncle, but I did not see anything wrong in it. He is my first love and I remember all the things happened during that night. I am sure that it is only because of my uncle that today I know all good and bad about sex. I would have been in wrong hands now if I was not having sexual relationship with my uncle, because I was sexually very excited and wanted to have sex very desperately with any male. I think my uncle have saved me from making sexual relationship with some wrong guy outside.
Now coming to the point…………story begins......

My real life Sexual Encounters Vol. 1 Episode - 03 LOSING MY VIRGINITY 2

We both were sitting naked in front with each other and I was wondering that how will the long, thick and hard dick of my uncle in front of my eyes will enter in my small pussy. I have noticed one difference between my dad’s and uncle’s cock. I could compare only two cocks which I have seen till then. My father’s cock I have seen without any skin on head of the same. The head of dad’s cock was lightish which I have seen clearly. Uncle’s cock was covering black skin on its head. I could see only small part of cock head around a hole on it.
This was first time that I was naked in front of any male and the same time I was thrilled that I am going to be fucked.

African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 3

He hit me again and again, throwing me back to the ground every time I attempted to rise and hitting my face every time I attempted to speak. Once he was satisfied with my beating, he grabbed me by the neck and drug me across the ritual area to one of the large wooden poles that had been erected to hold totems at the top of them.

As Chief Makonnen pushed me against the pole, a warrior grasped my hands and bound them tight to the wood. Tears flowing down my cheeks, I begged Makonnen for forgiveness.

"I cannot forgive your dishonor until a lesson has been learned." He said in a calm, cold voice.

I could not see what Makonnen was doing, strained my neck as hard as I could, desperate to see what was about to happen.

"Bahari, you make conduct the punishment so that your honor is restored." I heard Makonnen's voice say behind me.

The thought of what the punishment might be barely crossed my mind before I heard a louch CRACK and felt a searing pain streak across my …

African Mating Rituals Ch. 01 Page 2

After a few minutes of his attention, I arched my back and began to let out deep moans as an orgasm built inside me. He grabbed my hips as I came, grinding his massive cock inside of me. When it was finally over, I opened my eyes and found him staring at me with the same intense ownership as before. He knew that as long as he could make me cum, I was his to do with as he please.

He fucked me for a few more minutes before filling with more of his cum. After he pulled out, he lay next to me on the mat, wrapping me in his massive arms and holding me until we both fell asleep.

So that brings us up to now, it's the middle of the night and I found just enough of the fire shouldering to see what I am writing. I'm naked save for this thin cloth.

African Mating Rituals Ch. 01

[Day 1]

So, alright, where do I start? I guess I'll start by saying that my name is Alyssa McAllister. I've always been described as the adventurous type. Last year I graduated from Vassar University with a degree in International Studies. When I was 20, I spent the summer backpacking from Spain to Russia with basically nothing but a few dollars in my pocket. I ate crazy food, snuck on to trains, hitchhiked across three countries, and slept with more than a few men whose names I don't remember.

I'm 23 now, and looking for my next adventure.

My real life Sexual Encounters Vol. 1 Episode 2 - Loosing my virginity

It has become my routine that I was not missing any chance to see my parents involved in sexual activities. Generally they were doing this three/four time in a week. I used to masturbate after seeing them. I have seen them different positions which can be seen in any blue film.

My dad was and is a very good fucker and knows very well how to satisfy a woman. My mother, a good looking lady with very sexy figure takes active part in every activity with my dad. The most important thing is that neither my dad nor my mom was and is having sexual relationship with other than them. My mom keeps her pussy clean shave all the time.

My real life Sexual Encounters Vol. 1 Episode 1

My bedroom and my parent’s bedroom are parallel to each other. (Still the position of our bedroom is the same) We have one common bathroom in between our bedrooms which can be used from both the sides. The system is that, if I want to use bathroom, I go there and first thing I do is to lock it from inside form opening from my parents’ bedroom side. My parents do the same thing. This bathroom is also used like a internal door between our two bedrooms generally during the day time.

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Uncle Shom 2 pdf

Ever since Sunita has joined the household, Deepa has pleasantly surprised by the change in her father’s mood. But when she walks in on them one day and sees with her own eyes the reason for her father’s new found happiness she is devastated.

Uncle Shom 1

How far would she go to console her best friends father???
When Sunita visits her childhood friend Deepa and sees Uncle Shom completely depressed after his wife’s death, she determines to do her best to help Deepa and Uncle Shom, a person she considers her own father, through these difficult times.

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The Piano Tuner - the tuner returns to the conservatory


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The Piano Tuner 1


The Adventures of Waldemar pounder


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